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    7 Illegal & Inappropriate Job Interview Questions

    ByPaul WhitneyMay 11, 2024

    The hiring process is stressful for employers, recruiters, and job seekers. The first two parties want to hire the best…

    Save Money

    Struggling to Save Money? Follow These Tips to Survive Until Next Payday!

    ByJuliana TurnerMay 9, 2024

    We’ve all been there: payday is still two weeks away and your bank account is already empty. You then have…

    Stop Buying Useless Items

    8 Ways to Stop Spending on Things You Don’t Need

    ByPaul JiMay 8, 2024

    Purchasing items that you don’t really need can be a difficult habit to break. Not only does it waste money,…


    What is Inflation?

    ByPaul WhitneyMay 6, 2024

    In the field of economics, no single concept causes as much consternation as does that of inflation.  As used herein,…

    Save Money

    6 Proven Ways to Save Money Now!

    ByJuliana TurnerApr 29, 2024

    The general consensus among financial planners is that saving money is always a good idea. Saving even small amounts of money on a regular basis can add up to a…

    Cut Living Expenses

    5 Ways To Cut Your Living Expenses – Start Saving Now

    ByPaul JiMar 25, 2024

    Feel like you can’t keep up with your current expenses? Here’s what you can do. It’s estimated that over 34 million Americans spent more money than they earned last year.…

    Safety Deposit Box

    Beginners Guide to a Safety Deposit Box

    ByPaul WhitneyApr 30, 2024

    Have you ever considered storing your important documents and prized possessions in a more safe and secure environment – like a safety deposit box?  If so, you probably have some…

    Dog Sitter

    7 Jobs with Great Pay to Boost Retirees’ Incomes

    ByKristen MillerMar 19, 2024

    If you’re retired, you may find it challenging to live off of the money you saved throughout your career. The change in lifestyle can be abrupt when you don’t have…


    Side Hustle

    Seniors – Here Are the Top 5 Side Hustles

    ByPaul JiDec 13, 2023

    Do you have time on your hands and could use some cash? Here’s how you can earn extra income right…


    Bank Holiday

    What is a Bank Holiday?

    ByPaul WhitneyMay 6, 2024

    A bank holiday is a nationally-recognized holiday during which all banks are closed.  More generally, these days are known as…


    Financial Fitness

    How Does Your Financial Fitness Compare to the Average American?

    ByPaul JiDec 22, 2023

    Assess your financial situation and learn what you can do to improve it Financial fitness is an essential aspect of…