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Top 9 Auto Insurance Companies

Laura McCarthy
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Nobody plans to get into a car accident. Auto insurance gives you peace of mind about your own safety while you're on the road and safeguards you from a lawsuit. We've looked at cost, coverage, and claims processes to rank the industry's top companies.




  • Best for:

    Customer Satisfaction


  • Best for: Customer Satisfaction

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    • 97% Customer Satisfaction with 24/7 Service Claims

    • 2nd Largest Auto Insurer in the US

    • Discount Eligibility

    Geico is one of the most popular auto insurance providers in recent years - and for good reason. They're considered to be amongst the top-5 auto insurance providers, and depending on who you ask, you might even hear them claim that Geico is the best auto insurance provider around.

    It's clear that Geico has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all auto insurance providers. Clients seem to be happy and customer service is rated as above-average when compared to other insurance providers.

    Geico's website is one of the most user-friendly websites out there - especially in the auto insurance industry. Their website makes it easy for prospective customers to learn about policies and plans, and for existing customers to access their information, file claims, track progress, pay bills, and so much more. Not to mention, they even offer their very own dedicated mobile app, which certainly makes a world of difference for those who have a mobile-first mentality.

    The bottom line with Geico is quite clear - the good outweighs the bad. Geico is a great auto insurance provider and they offer a variety of plans, policies, and coverages to ensure that you and your family of drivers are safe and protected on the road.


    • The online quoting tool explains each coverage in detail while showing you which levels of coverage other people like you have chosen.

    • 24/7 support is available from the sales team

    • Special team of military retirees


    • No gap insurance

    • Some policies only available through partners

    • A smaller network of agents compared to other large providers



  • Best for:

    Quick Quotes

  • Best for: Quick Quotes

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    • Personalized quotes to suit any situation

    • Options for family and/or multi-vehicle pricing

    • See how much you can save today!


    • Online aggregator to compare quotes

    • Options for family and/or multi-vehicle pricing

    • No need to create an account to access quotes


    • Average customer satisfaction rating

    • Doesn't provide bundled quotes


    Erie Insurance

  • Best for:

    Stable Premiums

    Erie Insurance

  • Best for: Stable Premiums

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    • Over 13,000 Agents with Local Presence

    • Personal Item Coverage

    • Claims Assistance

    Erie Insurance takes the cake in JD Power's ratings as the best company for auto insurance shopping. Erie only operates In 12 states, plus Washington DC. So while it doesn't have the national presence of companies like Geico, Progressive, and others do, Erie focuses on nurturing its manageable client base.

    In terms of their plans, policies, and coverage, Erie offers a variety of perks and add-ons such as accident forgiveness, travel expense coverages, pet injury coverages, glass repair without a deductible, locksmith services, personal item coverages, plus so much more. They also offer customers the option to lock in their auto insurance rate for the long-term, giving you price stability over time.

    Erie has a very low number of customer complaints - in fact, complaints are nearly nonexistent. Sure, you'll have to settle for the lack of a dedicated mobile app, but with top-notch service, expansive policies and coverage options, a ton of perks, and the option to lock in your rate, it'll all be worth it.


    • Stable premium unless you make major policy adjustments.

    • Travel expense coverage

    • Diminishing deductible, which reduces your deductible by $100 for every consecutive year you don't file a claim, up to $500.


    • Lack of a dedicated mobile app

    • Small eligible market

    Erie Insurance


    Travelers Insurance

  • Best for:

    Bundled Discount

    Travelers Insurance

  • Best for: Bundled Discount

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    • Simple 4 Step Process

    • Comprehensive Liability Coverage

    • Medical Payments Coverage

    Few other auto insurance companies are able to offer discounts and supplemental add-ons at as diverse a range as Travelers. With over 150 years of experience in the industry and a large force of independent agents with local experience, Travelers is a great choice for any customer looking for comprehensive and fairly-priced coverage.

    Although Travelers ranks in the middle of the pack with consumer rating organizations, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau indicates strong attention to customer service. The company has a clean and clearly organized website that makes engaging with your policy quite simple.

    Each state has a minimum liability limit that you'll need to meet with your policy, but after that, there are plenty of options to consider in customizing your coverage. In addition to industry-standard discounts such as multi-policy and good payer discounts, Travelers provides some less common options such as new car discounts. Furthermore, if you're new to the Travelers and get a quote before your current policy ends, you can save anywhere from 3% to 10%.


    • One of the largest and most established auto and home insurance providers.

    • Plenty of opportunities for bundled discounts

    • Large network of independent agents


    • Rate hikes can be more frequent than other providers

    • Customer dissatisfaction with claim status updates

    • Great option for younger drivers and those with good credit

    Travelers Insurance


    Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Best for:

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • 5
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    • Accident Forgiveness

    • New Car Replacement

    • Deductible Fund

    Liberty Mutual is a great insurer for people looking for no-frills auto policies. Basic auto coverage from Liberty Mutual all come with industry-standard protections and the chance to add two or three endorsements.

    Additionally, Liberty Mutual's online quote form makes it easy for users to get the coverage they want, especially if they've never bought insurance before. It takes less than ten minutes to get a quote, and you can adjust your limits to see how the final price of your policy will be affected before buying. If it's important to have a relationship with an agent or representative, you can also take advantage of Liberty Mutual's local offices, though in most cases it's much easier to purchase insurance online.

    The company's main drawback is its rates, which can alternate between the cheapest and most expensive options depending on the state or region you live in. Even by qualifying for some of Liberty Mutual's many discounts, its prices can sometimes still be quite high when compared to its competitors.


    • Robust array of coverage options

    • Wide range of discounts for its auto policy owners

    • Telematics options


    • Customer satisfaction ratings are slightly lower than average

    • Received more complaints than expected

    • Rates can be fairly high if you don't fit into the company's target demographic of a multicar homeowner household.

    Liberty Mutual Insurance


    State Farm

  • Best for:

    State Farm

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    • Rental Car & Travel Protection

    • Steer Clear Driver Program

    • Various Discounts

    State Farm is an above-average insurance company that can provide a plethora of auto and home coverages to satisfy its customers' insurance needs. Those looking for a personalized experience with a local insurance agent are likely to find just that with State Farm. State Farm's renters insurance is also generally well-suited to most renters.

    The biggest mark against State Farm's home and auto insurance is its lackluster rates, which we found to be more expensive than those quoted by direct insurers such as Esurance and GEICO.

    On the other hand, the price of renters insurance from State Farm compares more favorably with its competitors. These rates don't take into account the discounts that State Farm offers to qualifying customers. Insurance shoppers who qualify for State Farm's most advantageous discounts can still get excellent value.

    State Farm has something to offer insurance shoppers looking to have a relationship with a local insurance agent, as well as those looking for an all-online experience.

    State Farm's convenient online options for customers that are comfortable managing their insurance on their own include the company's Pocket Agent mobile app. This app — which has received positive reviews from its users — can be used to pay your insurance premiums, file a claim and get roadside assistance.


    • Rideshare insurance in most states

    • Numerous discounts offered, including two programs — one for safe driving and the other for young drivers

    • Great mobile app


    • More expensive than other providers

    • Agent responsiveness can vary

    • Must submit personal information to get a quote

    State Farm



  • Best for:


  • 7
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    • Exceptional Customer Service

    • One Stop Shop

    • Rideshare Insurance

    USAA offers great rates for its policyholders for both auto and homeowners insurance. Young drivers are particularly likely to save the most by selecting USAA for car insurance. And for homeowners insurance shoppers, people with more expensive homes are likely to find particularly low premiums with USAA.

    It routinely receives high ratings for claims satisfaction and a low rate of complaints for all of its insurance products, suggesting that customers receive great customer service from USAA.

    And the company's insurance provides above-and-beyond coverage for active service members including a steep 60% insurance discount for stored cars while you're deployed. Drawbacks are few and far between. One is that USAA doesn't have many in-person locations, and they're mostly located in or near military bases, so most USAA customers will interact with their insurer exclusively online.

    Additionally, USAA has strict eligibility requirements and those who don't fall into one of the categories are unable to buy a policy. Only two groups of people qualify for coverage: people who have served in the military, and people whose direct family members (parent or spouse) have had USAA insurance.


    • Customer satisfaction ratings are among the best in the industry.

    • One-stop shop for insurance including auto, home and life as well as banking and investing products

    • Very few number of complaints relative to size


    • Only available to military members

    • Fewer number of local branches


    Direct Auto Insurance

  • Best for:

    Direct Auto Insurance

  • 8
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    • Great for High-Risk Drivers

    • SR-22 Forms

    • Customizable Payments

    Operating in 11 states in the south, Direct Auto Insurance distinguishes itself as a non-standard insurance carrier by focusing on high-risk drivers who may have a bad driving record or low/poor credit. Customers are rewarded with plenty of opportunities for good students, safe drivers, policy renewals and senior citizens.

    Direct Auto's auto coverage plans include fairly industry-standard features. Coverage includes liability and comprehensive protection. Other options include accidental death coverage, rental reimbursement, roadside assistance and towing reimbursement.

    While Direct Auto Insurance offers reliable protection and lots of discounts, it has received an above-average number of customer service complaints. Thus, it's best suited for high-risk drivers struggling to qualify for an affordable policy with another provider.


    • The best option for high-risk drivers

    • Offers SR-22 forms.

    • Senior citizen discount for drivers 55 years or older who complete an accident prevention course.


    • They receive more complaints than average in the industry

    • No additional coverage options such as gap or rideshare insurance

    • Do not operate in all 50 states

    Direct Auto Insurance



  • Best for:


  • 9
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    • Top-Notch Customer Satisfaction

    • Potential to Earn Dividends

    • Free Lock and Airbag Replacement

    Very few insurers are able to match the low rates and top notch customer service ratings offered by Amica. Even without discounts, Amica is a very affordable choice for an auto insurance provider. If you're able to take advantage of its discounts, you'll achieve even further savings on already competitive rates.

    Amica's agents are deemed very knowledgeable and friendly policyholders. The negative reviews cite issues with the company's car insurance rates rather than its agents or service. Overall, Amica has some of the best ratings we've seen for an insurance company.

    If you want the lowest rates possible, we recommend comparing auto insurance rates from Amica and GEICO. Both of these insurers offer some of the most competitive rates and are similarly priced in our quotes comparison. Amica doesn't have the best discounts available, but it still outranks other insurance companies in other categories.


    • Top-notch customer satisfaction

    • Free airbag and lock replacement.

    • Choose between dividend and non-dividend policies. Dividend policies cost more upfront but repay 5% to 20% of the premium, making them cheaper overall.


    • Coverage can be denied to those deemed high risk.

    • The online quote generator may subtly try to upsell customers.

    • Dividend policies make the shopping process slightly more confusing.


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