16 of the Best Buys at Walmart for Retirees 

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When you’re living on a fixed budget, one way to make your dollar go further is to shop at Walmart. This warehouse retailer offers household goods, food, drinks, pharmacy items, and other everyday essentials at affordable prices. 

You can save more money by shopping at Walmart than at other grocery or retail stores — it may even be cheaper than Amazon!

You will likely find a Walmart close to you — if you need these items, put them on your shopping list:

1. Coffee maker

From a selection of coffee makers that can handle up to a 10-cup pot to a one-cup maker if you’re on your own, Walmart has something for everyone.

2. Prescription Medication

Walmart’s pharmacies offer cheaper generic prescriptions than a lot of brands. For $4 per 30 days or $10 per 90 days, Walmart pharmacy customers can purchase cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure drugs commonly sold under brand names.

Hot Tip: Not only can you save money by purchasing generic versions of prescription drugs, but Walmart will frequently have sales on brand name products. Be sure to ask your pharmacist for the most affordable available option!

3. Furniture

Reorganizing your living space might not be as complex as you think. You might be planning a move or changing furniture in your new dwelling, but you can still modify your living space at Walmart if you want. Browse their selection of furnishings to see what you can do.

4. Paper Products

Save money on toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper products by visiting Walmart. The Great Value line at the store is cheaper than the regular brand.

5. Moving Supplies

Downsizing your living situation is common practice for retirees. If you’re planning on moving after you retire, Walmart may have what you need. Purchase bubble wrap, boxes, and other supplies there so you can do the job more efficiently. 

You’ll also find markers in Walmart’s office supplies section, which can help you locate your stuff once you get to your next location.

6. Cleaning Supplies

You can save money on the products you need to maintain your home by checking the shelves for Great Value brand cleaning products. This includes bargains on products to clean the surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen, window cleaner, and dish detergent.

7. Photos

Create memorable photos and favorite moments to deck your Walmart retirement home. Photo printing at Walmart is a budget option.

8. Cereal

You now have more time to eat breakfast at home since you are retired. Browse Walmart’s cereal shelves to see if you can find some cheap name-brand cereals.

9. Storage Bins

When you want to take charge of all those items you intend to keep for the long term or future use, go to Walmart and purchase some storage bins. By buying large quantities of items at bargain prices and keeping them in storage bins, you may save money and reduce the pressure of living on a fixed income.

Hot Tip: Be sure to check online prices before shopping in-store. If a price is lower on the Walmart website, they will honor the pricing for in-store purchases.

10. Laundry Detergent

Try Walmart for an economical detergent option. The store has a variety of name-brand detergents. Or, see if you can save a bit by buying detergent in Walmart’s Great Value line.

11. Ready-to-Cook Meals

Frozen meals satisfy a single person or family of four at Walmart. You don’t have to prepare meals for five people, so healthful and simple freezer meals are perfect for one or two people. You don’t have to worry about a messy cleanup after you’re finished. Save money by picking up meals at Walmart’s in-store label.

12. Frozen Vegetables

To keep your body healthy as you age, consume the most nutrients possible from the foods you eat. Check out Walmart’s frozen vegetables, which can be eaten as a side dish with meals. Some of the products are in microwave-friendly packaging so that you can microwave them easily.

13. Wine

You can buy Walmart’s Winemakers Selection wine for about $10 per bottle and find some for less than that. It would be ideal for serving when you host a mid-week get-together because you don’t have to work the following day.

14. Greeting Cards

Now that you’re retired, you’ve got more opportunities to write to your friends and family. A greeting card is a fantastic way to make someone happy. It’s wise to stock up on cards for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries at Walmart. Once you’ve got everything, you’ll be prepared for celebrations.

15. Dollar Items

Walmart’s Dollar Store is a wonderful place to get unique bargains from $1 to $5. You can find cheap home decor or seasonal items at a reasonable cost. The merchandise is regularly replaced; return to the dollar area each time you visit for something new.

16. Holiday Items

Indoors or outdoor holidays are usually a lot of fun to celebrate with themed décor items. Grab Halloween costumes, Easter eggs, and centerpiece choices for Thanksgiving dinner at Walmart. Walmart has a variety of December items, including a Christmas tree, ornaments, or the ideal New Year party accessories.

Hot Tip: Days after any major holiday ends, holiday items are automatically marked down try to stock up on Christmas wreaths and pumpkin carving kits the year before if you want to save major dough!

Bottom Line

Finding ways to save money at Walmart can ensure a pleasant retirement. You might be on a fixed income or looking for the best deals. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

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