5 Ways to Save Money at Trader Joe’s

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Shop at Trader Joe’s? Here are some must-know tips to help you shop.

Beginning with humble roots in Southern California, Trader Joe’s has built its brand into one of the United States’ most trendy and popular grocery stores. The prices are affordable, and the selection of merchandise is unique with plenty of easy-to-cook prepackaged meals. And best of all, the food tastes great!

With so many delicious options, it’s easy to overspend, buying all the snacks you can fit in your cart — we can’t resist their cookie dunkers!

Here are some ways we are saving by using expert tips from Trader Joe’s superfans.

1. Shop With A Plan

If you’re a long-time fan of Trader Joe’s, you know what it feels like to go in without a plan and come out with well over a hundred dollars in groceries. 

We always recommend forming a plan. Using a grocery list helps you keep track of your spending. It’s easy to go into Trader Joe’s without a plan and be tempted by cookie butter, seasonal beverages, or uniquely prepared meals. 

Even if you get tempted and buy a few things that weren’t on your list, you’ll still save money with a plan.

2. Sample Before You Buy (Nearly All Of Their Products!)

Have you ever bought something from Trader Joe’s, got home and realized you didn’t like it? Trader Joe’s has a policy that most people may not be aware of — samples of just about all of their products! 

All you need to do is ask an associate to sample one of their products (seriously, almost any of their products), and they allow you to taste and sample it before purchasing. Before you spend money on Mango Joe Joes or chocolate hummus, get a sample!

This is a great way to avoid wasting money on a product you might not like and one of the perks of Trader Joe’s exceptional customer service.

Hot Tip: When shopping at Trader Joe’s, make sure to check out their newsletter – the Fearless Flyer. They often post deals per season.

3. Utilize The Return Policy

Trader Joe’s will allow you to return an item (even if opened) if it didn’t meet your expectations. Again, this demonstrates the importance of customer service at Trader Joe’s — and confidence in its products!

Of course, you shouldn’t abuse this policy by bringing something in after finishing it. But if you find something not up to your standards, we recommend returning it for a refund.

4. Know Which Items Are Cheaper at TJ’s

Each grocery store has its bargain items and Trader Joe’s is no exception. TJ’s has cheaper eggs, cheese, frozen meals, dried fruit, cereal, coffee, and alcohol than you’ll find at traditional grocery stores. 

5. Know Which Items Are More Expensive

On the flip side, there are some items at Trader Joe’s that are more expensive than other grocers. Produce, meat, and home products like utensils, toilet paper, and paper towels are likely more expensive at Trader Joe’s. 

Knowing which products to buy and which to avoid at Trader Joe’s can save you hundreds of dollars each year!

Bottom Line

Trader Joe’s is a very popular grocery store – and for good reason. They have easy-to-make and trendy meals at a reasonable price, delicious snacks and treats, and affordable alcohol. 

But you could be overspending at Trader Joe’s, and following these tips and tricks may just help you save hundreds of dollars over time! Check out our article on other ways you may be throwing money down the drain.

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