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How We Rank

Your trust is important to us. When it comes to how we conduct research, rank our partners, and earn, we're committed to full transparency.

How We Earn

Our ratings and reviews are free for you because some of our partners will pay us a commission when you click one of our links to their site. These paid partners are clearly labeled across the site to ensure full transparency. Our team members do not personally accept compensation for favorable reviews.

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How We Rank Our Partners

The rankings of companies on our site can change at any time and are dependent on evolving information on company pricing, customer satisfaction, and more. Compensation in no way fully determines the order in which we rank the providers, and all recommendations are completely unbiased.

Our Research Process

We designed a rubric to objectively evaluate each provider, and our team does extensive research in order to give scores for each metric, like affordability, customer service, average policy value, coverage quality, and more. We've analyze thousands of reviews across dozens of sites, along with signing up ourselves so we can compare first hand experiences.

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How It Works

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We know how many hours can go into researching each company when deciding on an insurance provider. Our team of researchers has done the legwork to compare providers so you can confidently make a decision, having a complete picture of the pros and cons of each option.

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We analyzed more than 5,000 reviews to make sure we take into account a full range of experiences for each company we rate. Our numerical ratings are a result of our objective analysis, while our star ratings reflect an average of customer ratings found on other sites.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to insurance, so we want to arm you with the information you ened to make a decision thats right for your specific needs. Our unbiased reviews and recommendations aim to empower savvy buyers who just want the facts without all the marketing fluff.


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