10 Work-from-Home Jobs That Pay at Least $20 an Hour

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Ever since the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, work-from-home jobs have become increasingly popular. The Census found that work-from-home jobs tripled from 2019 to 2021, which has great benefits for both workers and companies.

Working from home can offer a great deal of flexibility and autonomy, but also requires high self-discipline and motivation. Are you currently in the job market and looking for a remote job?

1. Customer Service 

Customer service jobs may be a good fit if you enjoy problem-solving and working with customers. Assisting customers with their questions or fixing issues with products or services typically involves answering customer calls and engaging with them online or by email.

2. Tax Preparer 

If you have previous experience in the accounting field, you could make extra income by preparing tax returns from your home. You can choose whether to work with companies that prepare their taxes throughout the year or focus entirely on personal taxes. 

You can charge a premium during tax season and earn extra cash to help you through the rest of the year, even though it can be busy. Tax season ends on April 15 and the months leading up to it are prime time for tucking away that extra income.

3. Sales

If you have an extroverted personality, enjoy a challenge, and aren’t afraid of rejection, a work-from-home career in sales may be for you. You may be able to add commissions to flat hourly rates depending on how many sales you can make or how many clients you bring. Many sales opportunities offer uncapped commission, meaning there is no limit to how much you can earn if you’re willing to hustle. 

4. Freelance Writer 

Many companies hire freelance writers for various projects, whether it’s creating content, blog posts, social media creative, advertorials, or instructional copy for their customers. If you have previous writing experience or consider yourself an expert written communicator, you may find freelance writing an enjoyable way to make extra money from home. 

5. Data Entry

Are you a detail-oriented person? Companies all over the world are in need of detail-oriented data entry workers who can work with sensitive information. There are many data entry jobs that don’t require a college degree, making them suitable for people with no previous experience.

Hot Tip: Having a hard time getting interviews? Be sure to check your resume for any grammatical or spelling errors!

6. Transcription 

There are many positions for which transcription services are valuable, and you can do them from the convenience of your own home. Transcribers take various forms of video and audio recordings and type them up for their clients. You can make additional income if you specialize in a particular field such as healthcare or law enforcement. 

7. Tutoring 

Academic tutors work with students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. Many students have fallen behind as they made the transition from in-person to online schooling and back to in-person in recent years. 

A tutoring service may be a great option for you if you have experience working in a specific subject or know a lot about certain classes. Oftentimes, you do not need an advanced degree to tutor and you have the flexibility of making your own schedule. 

8. Insurance 

Insurance providers hire specialists to assist customers with the buying process in order to ensure a positive experience. As an insurance specialist, you work with customers to determine the amount of coverage they may need, and help find a plan that fits within their budget. You can work in a variety of fields like auto, home, and even pet. 

9. Virtual Assistant 

As many careers have moved online, so have the administrative assistants that make those day-to-day operations possible. A virtual assistant performs tasks that would normally be assigned to a typical assistant, such as booking travel and answering emails and phone calls.

10. Bookkeeper 

Accounting bookkeepers are responsible for keeping track of expenditures and revenues, as well as paying employees’ salaries. With previous accounting experience, bookkeeping from home can be a rewarding and well-paying job.