Do You Want to Get Paid for Friendship?

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A heart-warming way to make some additional money

In a Harvard report, over 36% of Americans report experiencing serious loneliness. Loneliness is a serious issue that many people deal with, even leading to depression and other mental health problems. 

If you’re looking for a way to make money and meet new people, you might be interested in becoming a paid friend on

What’s It’s a website that connects people who are looking for companionship with people who are willing to be paid to be a friend. Simply create a profile and you can get hired by people who are looking for a friend — you can make up to $50 an hour!

Just make sure you stay safe and do the appropriate research before heading out there. Check out their website to learn more!

Hot Tip: Make sure you do all of the research and read the terms and conditions before signing up!

How Does It Work?

First, visit their site and fill out an application. It usually takes a couple of hours to get approved. Once you’re approved, you can be matched with people looking for friends. From there, you start getting paid! 

Applications are currently open! 

Not only will you meet new people and get paid, but another great benefit of being a friend-for-hire is also free meals, event tickets, and more when you spend time with a paying member. You can sign up as a part-time friend or a full-time friend — it’s up to you how much you work and how much you charge. 

What Can I Offer?

You don’t need to be licensed or be qualified, oftentimes all people are looking for is a friend to go to watch a movie, go to a concert, or attend a party. All you have to do is provide your time and be a good friend to be paid out. 

Is This Legit?

We agree that being a paid friend sounds a little questionable. But with over 621,000 people registered to be friends across the country, the results speak for themselves. And don’t worry, this isn’t a dating website; all friendships are intended to be platonic.

Bottom Line

If you’re an outgoing person that’s looking for an easy way to make some extra income, give a try. Just make sure to set clear boundaries and communicate openly with your paid friends to ensure everyone is comfortable.