Shocking Ways People Are Making Money – Would You?

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Super-odd ways to make money on the side.

Even in the best of times, people are looking for a way to make money on the side. When the economy is struggling and inflation is rising, people are even more desperate for some extra cash. 

Are you looking for ways to make some extra money? If you are, you may be surprised there are some easy but unconventional side gigs. Here are five of the strangest ways to pad your income.

1. Donate Plasma

This is one of the more well-known ways of making side money — and it’s well-known for a reason. It doesn’t take a long time, you get paid, and you end up helping people in need. 

Plasma is a component of your blood that can be used in medical treatments and research. Doctors can use your plasma to treat a variety of diseases. 

The main reason why people don’t donate plasma is that it sounds scary! The fact is that donating plasma has no major negative effects; your body replenishes plasma quickly. If you’re able to donate plasma, you can get paid $30-$60 per donation and can safely donate twice a week. 

Be sure to consult your doctor before you make a donation because if you have pre-existing conditions, you may not qualify to donate. 

2. Sell Feet Pics

It’s hard to believe selling pictures of your feet is a legitimate way to make money, but it’s true. If you’re willing to have pictures of your lower extremities all over the internet, you can make a pretty penny on the side. 

One woman reported earning over $70,000 per year off of pictures of her feet. There’s a real market for these types of photos – whether it’s people who have fetishes or websites that need models.

Check out these apps: Feet Finder, Instafeet. Feetpics, Only Fans, Dollar Feet, Wikifeet, and Foap but always be sure to practice safety and research best practices. 

Hot Tip: While it may be funny, there is a serious market for all types of things. Be sure to do your research beforehand!

3. Sell Your Old Beanie Babies

If you are a 90’s kid, chances are you had Beanie Babies growing up. Beanie Babies were popular collectible toys in the 1990s, and some of them are worth a lot of money today.

If you have Beanie Babies that you don’t mind parting with, this is a great way to make extra money. You could try selling them on eBay, Etsy and other online marketplaces. 

Make sure you do your research about the particular Beanie Babies you own and the market for it; some of the rarest ones can go for hundreds of dollars. 

4. Eggs Or Sperm

If you are young and relatively healthy, you could be donating eggs or sperm. Eggs are worth significantly more than sperm and can earn you more than $10,000. Sperm donors can earn over $100 for each acceptable donation; this can be a good way to earn money while helping people out.

The process may take a bit of time, as they need to make sure you are healthy and screened for any diseases. Once that’s done, you can start making donations and getting paid for it. 

You don’t have to worry about being financially responsible for any children. You are protected under the law and will remain anonymous. Be sure to consult with a doctor beforehand and understand the legal and health restrictions. 

5. Sell Your Poop

Believe it or not, there is a market for your poop. Did you know you could be getting paid to donate your stool for science? 

The Penny Hoarder found that you could be making $180,000 in a year by sending your poop. All you need to do is apply, fill out a questionnaire and see if you qualify. Once you do, you can start submitting your samples! 

It may not be the most appealing option to earn money, but why not get paid for something you already do daily? 

Bottom Line

There are many unconventional ways to make money, from donating plasma to selling your poop. While these methods may not be for everyone, they can be a good way to earn some extra cash. Just be sure to consider the legal, ethical, and medical implications before pursuing any of these methods.