8 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Packages Safe From Porch Pirates

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According to a study conducted by SafeWise, package theft is estimated to cost consumers $19.5 billion in 2022. 79% of online shoppers have been victims that year. Of the victims, 35% said they had installed security cameras or video doorbell technology and 17% caught the porch pirate on camera. Even a package locker or locker delivery system wasn’t enough to deter thieves — 8% of victims used a locker for package delivery.

Keep porch pirates at bay by taking these simple measures:

1. Watch Your Tracking Info Like a Hawk

These days, just about every delivery service provides package tracking. Keep an eye on the tracking information so you know when the package will arrive. That way you can plan ahead to pick up your package before porch pirates spot it.

2. Ensure Pirates Know You’re Watching

A security system like Ring or Nest doorbell cameras allows you to monitor your front door. Additionally, police can use the recorded video to track down porch pirates. These doorbell cameras send notifications to your phone via an app that records movement near your door. Because these devices are highly visible, they can act as a deterrent to thieves who are camera-shy. 

3. Make Delivery Requests

You may be able to ask for a special delivery request that ensures your package is placed in a specific area that’s far out of sight. You can make the request in person if you are familiar with your local USPS, UPS, or FedEx carrier or use an online system.

4. Get Packages Delivered to Your Workplace

Your workplace may serve as a better location for package delivery. Because workplace deliveries are usually secure and not left unattended, theft is less likely. However, the one downside is hauling the items home can be cumbersome later on.

Hot Tip: If you are finding your packages stolen often, you may want to contact the seller and ask for refunds, we find that a lot of companies will help!

5. Get Your Stuff Delivered to an Amazon Locker

You can have your Amazon package delivered to a secure location by adding an Amazon Locker location to your account. Amazon will deliver the package to the locker, and when it’s ready for pickup, you’ll be sent a six-digit code via email to collect it from the kiosk. You can use the lockers for free if you’re a Prime member.

6. Work With a Neighbor

Communicate with your neighbors so you can work together to keep package thieves from stealing your packages. If you and your neighbors have different or overlapping schedules, agree to pick up each other’s packages and ensure that evildoers don’t even have a chance.

7. Pay for a Package Receipt Service

Package delivery services can be a bit of a headache, but they can also be the most secure option. If you live in a major city, there are likely to be a few companies that will accept and securely store packages for a small fee. Search the internet for “package receiving services” to learn more.

8. Get a Porch Pirate Bag

Use this 30” x 40” PVC reinforced nylon bag to lock your front door or gate and outsmart package thieves. Instruct delivery people to place your package inside the bag, then lock it using the attached combination lock. For $35, it’s a pretty reasonable way to deter package thieves. 


A porch pirate doesn’t necessarily look like a criminal — they could be anyone, even your neighbor. Luckily, if you’re looking to protect your purchases this holiday season, there are plenty of ways to keep them safe from package thieves.