Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

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As the cost of energy continually rises across the globe, savvy individuals may be wondering how to lower their energy bills while not compromising on comfort.

Here are three strategies for dramatically reducing your energy costs while still staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Go Solar

Harnessing the power of solar energy is an increasingly popular way to save money on energy bills.  By capturing the power of the sun, solar panels placed on the roof of your house or business will keep energy costs down in the both the short and long term. 

You will immediately see a monthly savings on your energy bills and you’ll be locked into a rate for up to twenty years with a solar panel lease from a reputable company. 

If you can afford to purchase the panels outright, you’re energy savings will increase even more as you can sell any unused power to your local electric company.  (Your local electric company will likely charge you a nominal monthly fee to remain on their energy grid.) 

Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips

On average forty to fifty percent of your summer energy consumption will be from your air conditioner.  Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioning system is functioning properly and optimized for efficiency. 

Each month, you should clean the filter and replace it if it looks overly used or dirty.  If your air conditioner is five to ten years old, it’s probably time to replace it with an energy efficient system.  While the purchase of a new air conditioner may be costly in the short-term, over the life of the unit you will save as much as forty percent on your overall energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Appliances

To lower your monthly energy bills, update your kitchen with new or used energy efficient appliances. 

When they’re not in use, turn off – and unplug – your appliances, computers, televisions, etc.  Also, consider using natural alternatives whenever possible.  

For example, hanging clothes on a line out to dry every other wash will give them a fresh, clean smell while also reducing your overall energy costs. Most people fail to make positive changes because they overestimate the effort that is needed.  But as you can see from the foregoing tips, saving money on your energy bills can be pretty easy; and require little extra effort.