How to Put an End to Collector Calls

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Do you have people calling you at all hours of the day and night harassing you for outstanding payments? 

Does the sound of a ringing phone make you cringe? 

You can stop those harassing calls from collectors by employing these 3 easy tips.  (The secret: The law is on your side.)

Put it in Writing

Did you know that it is illegal for a collections agency to call your personal (home) or work phones once you have told them in writing to stop?  It’s true.  So the next time you pick up the phone and there is a collections agent on the other end of the line, get the name and address of the agent and the agency.  And then send them a certified letter (with return receipt requested) expressing your desire to end the calls.  Make sure to profess your preference for receiving all future communications in writing.  And make sure to save a copy of the letter along with the return receipt – should you need to produce it at some point later on.

Credit Counselor

If the preceding tip either doesn’t work for you or you’re having trouble getting your debt under control, consider contacting a credit counselor.  Credit counselors can help you manage your debt; and may even be able to offer more suggestions for stopping those annoying collector calls. 

Filter Your Phone Calls

If the phone calls persist despite your foregoing efforts, you can ask if your phone company offers call rejection technology.  This type of technology – if available – works to block your phone’s ringer if the machine does not recognize the caller’s identity.  Typically, this tool will prompt the called to leave a short message.  This will help to weed out most of the collection calls.  And it may also help you identify companies who are breaking the law – and serve as the foundation for a complaint to a regulatory agency.