Top 10 States to Call Home for People Who Are Over 65

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With age comes wisdom, but you know what else age brings? The need for change! These days with healthier lifestyles and longer lifespans, many people are opting to move to a new state after retirement.         

Studies have shown that 76% of senior citizens want to live in states that not only support and provide added benefits to people of their age group but also want to reside in an affordable area with numerous amenities. 

If you are a senior citizen looking for a new place to live, then keep on reading. 

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1. North Dakota

Despite its rural location, North Dakota is witnessing a lot of modernization. At local leisure centers, senior programs are offered, including community-based services for those with disabilities and mobility issues. 

Senior citizens living in North Dakota can take advantage of over 201 sunny days per year. Moreover, it’s a tax-friendly state, including low property tax rates and local sales taxes. Housing prices usually stay lower in North Dakota, as well.

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts would be the place to go if you’re looking for a home with four seasons, rich culture, and great healthcare for retirees. Also, if you want to make the most of your golden years, this is the perfect spot for those wanting adventure.

There are many activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and rafting available. Plus, the cultural hub of Boston is at most a few hours away from any location in Massachusetts. The state offers assistance with affordable health insurance and support for prescription payments or housing programs. 

3. New York

Living in New York may be more costly — though the Upstate region certainly has lower prices. But it’s also a very senior-friendly state. There’s a plethora of senior centers, meal services, and home-sharing services.

4. South Dakota

Senior citizens who prefer nature and scenery may enjoy living in South Dakota. There are many things to do and see, including the Badlands National Park or Mount Rushmore National Memorial. 

Residents of South Dakota pay less for living expenses than many other locations in the United States. Plus, seniors who work don’t have to pay taxes in South Dakota. Nursing support, nutrition programs, senior transport services, and assisted living are some programs for retirees in South Dakota.

5. Minnesota

Whether you’re retiring in Minnesota or planning to, you’ll enjoy great activities for seniors like golfing and fishing. Nursing homes and retirement services are both accessible and the state is one of the most affordable. 

6. Vermont

Senior centers are popular in Vermont thanks to their large and active retired population. Senior centers provide a wide array of services, including art studios, chauffeur services, social events, concerts, and classes. The state helps seniors stay connected by providing wellness activities, transportation solutions, and wellness activities.

7. Nebraska

There is a lot of wildlife throughout Nebraska, including white-tail deer and elk. The state is also filled with national landmarks that are popular with history buffs. There are numerous parks with lakes where you can fish, swim, boat, and more. There are multiple programs at the state level to help older people remain active and healthy.

8. Wisconsin

Wisconsin isn’t just known for cheese and the Green Bay Packers, it has much more to offer. The population here is older, with 38% of residents over 50 years old. Because of the lower cost of living, Wisconsin is also rated as one of the most affordable states to retire.  

9. Iowa

Iowa offers many advantages for senior citizens, including a low cost of living, plus access to various career and education opportunities. The state’s senior programs include assistance with daily living tasks such as cleaning, mowing, and snow removal.

10. Maine

There are numerous educational programs and resources available for seniors in Maine, in addition to the lower cost of living. In addition, the economy here offers jobs for seniors, and numerous educational programs are available through senior centers and community colleges.


Make your retirement easier and more enjoyable by relocating to one of these 10 states. These states have beautiful scenery, optimal spaces in which to reside, and numerous benefits. They’re affordable and senior citizen-friendly. So, kick back and move to one of these states for a peaceful retirement.