What are the Benefits of a Swiss Bank Account?

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Swiss bank accounts offer a few exclusive privileges that distinguish them from every other bank in the world.  Most Swiss bank account holders are extremely wealthy and have liquid cash in excess of one million dollars.  But there are also options for the everyday customer that can provide them with some of the same perks experienced by their more affluent counterparts.  Whether you are looking to increase your foreign assets or just find out about one of the world’s most secretive banking societies, there are a lot of interesting benefits to using a Swiss bank account.

Stable Currency and Banking Environment

While the Swiss franc is the main currency held in Swiss bank accounts, account holders may store their money in other global currencies.  That said, the Swiss franc is one of the most stable currencies in the world; and has become especially popular as the global economy has contracted.  Switzerland’s government has been historically cautious in their global position and has not been involved in a war for several centuries.  On top of this, the Swiss franc is relatively safe from inflation.  This allows customers to invest in Swiss banks with the confidence that the value of their assets will not be endangered by risky political moves or economic capriciousness.


For most investors, the biggest appeal of a Swiss bank account is the strict privacy afforded to account holders.  Swiss banks are legally bound to protect the secrecy of any account created in the country.  They cannot disclose financial details or even information about the existence of an account to any outside parties or governments with one major exception.  Swiss bank accounts are subject to scrutiny in situations where the account holder has been accused of a crime in their home country that is also a crime in Switzerland.  Typically, these involve organized crime, insider trading, or money laundering.  This is perhaps the most important layer of protection that Swiss banks provide to their customers, as the money becomes untouchable in obscurity.

High Capital Adequacy

Another benefit to those with Swiss bank accounts is an increased level of investor confidence is the high capital adequacy required of all banks.  In Switzerland, at least 40% of the assets held in bank accounts must be backed by gold.  This is a reassuring figure for most customers; and guarantees that in the event of a run on the markets, a significant portion of any customer’s assets will be available for immediate withdrawal or transfer.