10 Costco Must Haves – Best Buys

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Some consumers have a regular weekend appointment to visit Costco. Others rarely use their membership card, visiting only when it’s time to stock up on necessities. No matter what kind of Costco shopper you are, there are some items that are worth purchasing every time you visit.

Costco is a favorite shopping destination for millions of Americans. A small annual membership fee grants you access to massive warehouses stocked with everything from fresh produce to electronics to living room furniture – and everything in between! 

Saving money is one of the main reasons people love Costco. The wholesale club offers prices significantly lower than typical grocery or department stores. Here are 10 Costco deals that are too good to miss.

1. Toilet Paper

The number one item you should buy at Costco is toilet paper. It’s the best investment you can make, by far. The company sells more than a billion rolls per year, according to reports.

Many shoppers make the journey to Costco solely for plentiful packages of toilet paper. Costco’s Kirkland store brand toilet paper has up to 36 rolls per package! The quantities and price are low, but the quality is high. Finding huge savings on this essential household item makes toilet paper alone worth the drive to Costco.

2.  Hot Dog Deal

One of the best-known Costco deals is located in the famous food court. A fan favorite is hands down the $1.50 hotdog lunch combo. 

For under two bucks, you can get an all-beef quarter-pound hot dog and a 20-ounce soda with free refills. The price has remained the same for over 40 years starting from the time it was introduced in 1985! 

Stop in for a quick, tasty, and inexpensive lunch at Costco even if you don’t end up shopping.

3. Gas

Costco is the place to go for anything car-related, including tires. You can get great deals on any auto need at Costco, but the real value is at the gas pump. 

Costco’s gas prices are the lowest in many states. The fact that customers are willing to wait in line to fill up their tanks – sometimes for over an hour – proves the value. 

And don’t worry, this isn’t some water down discount gas. The fuel quality is equal to any other gas station despite the price being lower than the competition. Just plan to fuel up at off-peak times because the lines for Costco gas can be daunting!

Hot Tip: When getting gas at Costco, you can use either side of the pump, so always go for the shorter lines! The gas pumps extend to reach to the other side of the car when needed.

4. Cereal

Cereal is available at Costco in an aisle dedicated to breakfast items. As a wholesale, bulk retailer, the quantity is enough to fill your pantry for weeks! You won’t need to think about cereal for a while when you shop at Costco.

There are also mini-boxes and cereal cups available in variety packs of cereal. Breakfast on the go is as easy as adding milk.

5. Chips

While you stroll through the warehouse you’ll probably see at least a few aisles devoted to snack foods. And of course, those snack aisles will include plenty of square footage devoted to chips. There are many popular brands of chips available at Costco, including massive, family-size bags.

But if you’re looking for smaller serving sizes – for example, to pack in school lunches or hand out after soccer games – Costco has those too! As always, the price on any size chips at Costco are unmatched by other stores.

6. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another everyday, essential pantry item. I don’t know about you but my household cannot live without peanut butter. Luckily, Costco carries many brands and at unbeatable prices.

There are so many varieties of peanut butter available at Costco. Organic, gluten-free, non-peanut nut butters, traditional peanut butter like Jif and Skippy – Costco has it all at a great price.

7.  Sparkling Water

Consumers are trading in their sugary sodas for carbonated water, and over the last few years, the price of sparkling water has skyrocketed. To save money on this hydrating luxury, shop for sparkling water at Costco. 

The store has the largest selection of sparkling water brands in a variety of quantities and flavors. Polar, La Croix, AHA, and Bubly are just a few of the brands that grace the warehouse’s shelves. There are even variety packs to keep everyone in the family happy.

8. Cheese

Anyone who needs to throw a big party should know about the wide selection of cheeses at Costco. In fact, the cheese selection at Costco is so deep that it sells some types that are hard to find at the grocery store. You can purchase an entire block of cheese or a package of sliced cheese at a price that the grocery store definitely cannot match.

Costco has every type of cheese you could wish for. Some of the cheeses are high-quality, imported cheeses, and you might even find some seasonal items too tempting to resist. 

It’s worth checking out some of its most popular cheeses, such as Kerrygold or a whole wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

9.  Kirkland Bacon

The Kirkland brand bacon is another reason to visit Costco regularly. Every time you visit, stock up on a package of 4-5 pounds of bacon at a great price.

It’s not just inexpensive; the company’s bacon is noted for its quality and variety – there are hickory-smoked and thick-cut varieties, among other options. In spite of price fluctuations, this product seems to always be in stock and is perfect for filling up a freezer.

10. Prepared Meals

For many families, the Costco pre-made meals are a lifesaver! In almost every case, premade Costco dinners are cheaper than takeout and taste more like a home-cooked meal. Not to mention, these meals are packed with healthier ingredients than your typical takeout fare. The ample supply of great-tasting meals will leave plenty of leftovers to enjoy throughout the week. 

Bottom line

A trip to Costco is always worth the massive savings. Whether you’re shopping for seasonal items, bulk vitamins, or even a television, we strongly suggest paying the small annual fee for a Costco membership. Keeping your bank account healthy is easier when you shop at this famous retailer!