5 Popular Low-Cost Local Grocery Stores Among Reddit Users

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These days, going to the grocery store can be a shocking experience due to the sky-high prices of everyday items. Not only have businesses raised prices, but they’ve also “shrunkflated” well-known items like Kleenex and Gatorade to make them more profitable. 

Some merchants are more egregious price-gougers than others. Redditors known for their frugality have lately disclosed the stores they frequent without breaking the bank. According to users of Reddit, these are the best places to shop for affordable food.

1. Aldi

The fact that this store does not sell any brand-name products helps make this German-owned company, which is affiliated with Trader Joe’s, a go-to destination for consumers looking to save money. 90 percent of the items sold at the shop are under their private label. In addition, the retail chain takes shortcuts (and saves money) by keeping its inventory in boxes.

2. Costco

It’s well-known that Costco runs a network of warehouse clubs accessible exclusively to paying members. The biggest wholesale warehouse club in the world, Costco is the world’s top retailer for organic goods, rotisserie chicken, and wine as of 2016. According to Fortune’s list of the 500 most prominent companies in the United States, Costco came in at number 10 based on their sales in 2021.

Costco is dedicated to maintaining low pricing with a clear limit on markups — about 15%. Redditors known for their frugal shopping habits recommend Costco as an excellent place to stock up on high-quality meats.

3. Local Farmers Market

It’s easy to forget that going to a farmer’s market is an option. Costs at such markets may vary so much from one location to the next, but because you’re dealing directly with sellers, you can often haggle the price. Going in the last 30 minutes of the market can help you find the best deals.

One plus about local farmer’s markets is that since they’re small, local pop-ups present the opportunity for you to support local growers and entrepreneurs, bypassing the retailer. Ultimately, this helps the vendors gain more profits and provides you with more savings. 

4. Lidl

Germans are masters in managing discount food shops. Like Trader Joe’s and Aldi, the German-owned supermarket Lidl is a favorite among customers because it offers low costs and a shopping experience that is simple and unfussy. 

One reader says, “If you like to stick to basic products, I will start with Lidl,” noting that the shop provides high-quality supplies at low costs. 

5. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s is famous for the low prices of its own-brand items and the products it sells. “Recently, my husband and I have begun grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s,” one commenter said. Another Redditor adds that Trader Joe’s sells excellent pre-packaged varieties of fruit and vegetables. 

Bottom Line

These days, grocery shopping gives us a mini heart attack due to costs. If you want to save a few bucks and eat healthy, homemade meals, shop at the grocery stores above as well as farmer’s markets.