7 Items to Skip at Walmart (They’re Cheaper at Other Stores)

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Are you a Walmart fan? Do you think that it’s the cheapest place for all your shopping needs? Think again. 

The giant retailer has its perks: cheap price tags, a large selection, and friendly staff. But Walmart isn’t always the best option for everything. Sometimes, there are things at Walmart that cost more than in other stores. Check your shopping list to make sure you aren’t paying more at your favorite store.

1. Healthy Foods

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to eat healthily, Walmart isn’t your best bet. Some of its prices are competitive, but others are downright expensive. For example, a box of bran flakes from Walmart costs $2.10, while the same product costs $1.99 at Target and $1.48 at Amazon — about half as much as Walmart’s price!

2. Produce

Walmart has recently been selling more fresh produce and organic products, but the prices are still much higher than other stores. There’s also not as much variety as at other grocery stores. For example, if you want an avocado at Walmart, you’ll need to buy two because they sell them in a pack of two instead of one. If you want just one avocado and don’t need two, then it might be cheaper to buy it elsewhere — like Costco or even Trader Joe’s!

3. High-Quality Bedding

If you’re looking for quality bedding or other home goods at an affordable price, Walmart isn’t necessarily the best choice. Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch, told Marketwatch that it’s more of a quality issue than price. If quality is important to you, best to look elsewhere. 

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4. High-Quality Meat

Ever wonder if the meat at Walmart is the same quality as some of the other grocery stores you go to? Everyone has their favorite store/brand, but when you’re at Walmart you want it to be a one-stop shop. Is it worth it to buy meat at Walmart? According to Consumer Reports, Walmart ended up at almost the last spot in a report comparing quality and price.

5. Appliances

When you’re looking to purchase a new appliance, it’s always best to shop around. Not only will you be able to get the best deal, but you will also be able to find a model that is more suited to your needs. If you are thinking about buying an appliance from Walmart, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Because appliances can be quite expensive, you’ll likely want to buy one that is well-made and durable.
  • You should also look for appliances that have good reviews from customers.
  • Walmart offers appliances but it doesn’t have the selection that appliance specialty stores do. 
  • You’re more likely to get what you want for a cheaper price when you have more options to compare.

6. Certain Home Electronics

If there’s something specific you want to buy — say, a television — you should probably go somewhere other than Walmart. Their selection is limited and they don’t offer as many brands or models as other retailers do.

7. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for stocking stuffers and even better for last-minute gifts. But a lot of grocery stores offer fuel or in-store rewards when you buy gift cards there. Sometimes there are even specials where you can get more rewards than normal. With gas prices heating up, those fuel rewards can save a lot of money.

Bottom Line

Walmart is a one-stop shop, but sometimes you need to acknowledge that one stop is sometimes not enough. It’s easy enough to price check while you’re at the store –- you might be surprised the next time you’re out shopping!