8 of the Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Store 

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With inflation rates continuing to spike and drive up the cost of living, many Americans have made it a priority to reduce expenses. One great way to keep your home well-stocked and stay frugal is shopping at a dollar store.

There are several major dollar store chains like Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar. While costs are low at these budget-minded retail outlets, so is the quality of most products. When you’re trying to save money, don’t undermine your efforts buying dollar store items that aren’t worth their rock-bottom price tag.

Here are eight items that are worth buying at the dollar store.

Hot Tip: The dollar store is a great place to save on items, but you may be better off buying certain items at other stores! Check out our article on best items to buy at Walmart.

8. Dish Towels and Washcloths

You won’t find a better price on dish towels and washcloths than at the dollar store. While inexpensive, they’re typically of good quality. Words of warning: some dollar store towels and washcloths aren’t absorbent enough to dry dishes, so shop carefully.

7. Socks 

Most clothing at the dollar store should be avoided because of its shoddy craftsmanship. However, there’s one exception – socks. While the dollar store doesn’t offer high-end designer socks, they’re just as good as typical low-end department store brands. 

6. Dinnerware 

You can find an amazing selection of dinnerware at the dollar store. This dishware may have some slight visual defects, but is perfectly functional.

5. Hair Accessories 

Combs, brushes, hair clips, and other hair accessories can be found at the dollar store for bargain prices. The dollar store offers the same hair accessories you’ll find at stores like Target or even Wal-Mart for a significantly lower price.

4. Reading Glasses 

Reading glasses are a necessary but expensive accessory for many Americans.The dollar store is a great place to buy reading glasses because you’ll save a significant amount of money compared with drug stores or ophthalmologists prices. Of course, dollar store glasses are no replacement for prescription reading glasses.

3. Notebooks

If you have school-age children, you probably spend a lot of money on notebooks. One way to cut your school supply budget is shopping at the dollar store. Dollar store notebooks are essentially the same those you’ll find at Staples or Office Depot, but at a fraction of the price.

2. Greeting Cards

It’s the thought that counts, right? Why spend over $5 on a card when you can get it for $1 or less? These aren’t flimsy, low-quality cards either. Dollar Tree has partnered with Hallmark, selling the world-famous cardmaker’s Heartline and Expressions greeting cards at their stores. 

You may not have the same selection of elaborate, frilly greetings cards that you’ll find at an actual Hallmark Store but the price is unbeatable.

1. Party Supplies 

Hosting a party can cost more than you’d expect. One of the biggest costs of throwing a gathering is the cost of decorations and party supplies. Buying disposable plates, cups, tablecloths, balloons, streamers, and utensils can add up. Dollar store party supplies of a similar quality as those you’d find at Party City. 


Not everything at the dollar store is worth buying. However, savvy consumers know that there are a few gems to be found on those cluttered shelves. Give your budget a little breathing room by purchasing these eight items at the dollar store instead of paying more at traditional retail outlets.