9 Hidden Amazon Sections That Offer Even Deeper Discounts

You are currently viewing 9 Hidden Amazon Sections That Offer Even Deeper Discounts

Deal-hunters and impulse shoppers alike can benefit from these little-known departments of Amazon. You can score 70% off or more on electronics, home and kitchen items, mechanics tools, clothing, jewelry, and other objects without a Prime membership. Take a look at these hidden sections on Amazon for the best-priced buys: 

1. Best Sellers

You probably know about Amazon’s best-selling items. However, did you know the retailer also has a Best Sellers list? You’ll discover a listing of the most popular items available on Amazon right now, everything from diapers to video games, according to how many items have been sold.

2. Most Wished For

You can find lists of the items that Amazon customers want on the site by visiting the “Most Wished For” section. Alternatively, “Most Wanted” may be a better name for this section. These lists are updated daily.

3. Cheap Reads

You should know Amazon’s Cheap Reads for Kindle section if you read e-books on any device or brand. These free e-books for Kindle are offered in this section. You can read these e-books without owning a Kindle, as discussed in “This Trick Lets You Read E-Books Without an E-Reader.” Since Amazon occasionally gives away inferior e-books or those that don’t support all Kindle functions, it is important to check the reviews and evaluations before downloading them.

Hot Tip: Amazon likely has multiple vendors for the same item – be sure to look around for the best price!

4. Amazon Renewed

Refurbished goods, including smartphones, computers, and appliances, are sold on Amazon Renewed. “Amazon Renewed offers pre-owned goods that have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work and look like new, including the Amazon Renewed Guarantee,” the company says.

5. Outlet

Amazon Outlet is the e-commerce giant’s discount outlet store. You’ll find “thousands of overstock items for discounts” on this page. Amazon Outlet is split into departments, so you can immediately find discounted foods, home items, etc.

6. Coupons

Even though the prices are already unbeatably low on Amazon, you can also find a coupon portal on its product pages. Here, you can find all coupons Amazon is currently offering. Go look at Amazon Coupons before you make a purchase.

7. Gift Ideas

Want to know what items people typically purchase as gifts? Check out Amazon’s Gift Ideas section. These lists are updated daily to highlight the most popular items.

8. Amazon Warehouse Deals

You can score some fantastic deals on Amazon warehouse bargains if you search through the Amazon Warehouse Deals section. Here you’ll find pre-owned, used, and open-box items. The products from the warehouse section are in great shape and some even come with their original tags. There are a variety of explanations for why items were returned, including the incorrect color or size choice.

9. Today’s Deals

Amazon offers exclusive deals every day in the Today’s Deals section, which is where you can find live offers. If you ever shop on Amazon, you can check the Today’s Deals section to see if you can save some money and receive some exclusive deals.

Take note, Be careful of Amazon’s redirecting trick 

Always make sure to go back to these sections before searching for something new. Otherwise, if you just search for something from the search bar at the top of the page, Amazon might bounce you out of Warehouse Deals and into the full site.

Avoid Fake Discounts

It’s great when we see that a product we want is on sale. The urgency created by coupons and discounts makes many individuals buy items they wouldn’t normally. Some retailers take advantage of that pricing power by offering “discounts” on an assortment of Amazon items. It’s not easy to determine whether you’re getting a good deal on Amazon because a lot of products are “on-sale” all the time.


Shoppers are always looking for new products, bargains, and deals. But, with thousands of new items being added to Amazon every second, finding the right one can be daunting. To narrow down the list of items to buy, remember the hidden sections of Amazon that feature some of the best deals.

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