It's Time To Stop Overpaying For Everything!


Save money NOW on monthly bills and everyday purchases

Did you know that big businesses are robbing you blind, taking advantage of consumers, and increasing prices? On top of that, inflation rates are at an all-time high, which means you need to be savvier than ever before.

Even if you cut costs by skipping out on your favorite take-out meals and pinching pennies anywhere you can, it's still not enough - so frustrating!

So how do you stop overpaying and fight rising costs? We have you covered! Our experts search the web for the best ways to save on monthly bills and everyday purchases. We've compiled the most trusted sites that save consumers thousands of dollars. You'll want to read this!

1. Earn Money on Every Walmart Purchase

If you shop at Walmart, then this offer is a no-brainer. You can earn up to $75 cashback by signing up for the Walmart MoneyCard.

This reloadable debit card earns 3% cash back at, 1% at Walmart stores, and 2% at Walmart gas stations - a major bonus given the record-high gas prices. All you have to do is open an account and watch the money roll in.

Receive a direct deposit of $500+ to a new Walmart MoneyCard and be entered for your chance to win groceries for a year.

2. Save On Your Auto Insurance Bill

Auto Insurance rates increase by 5% each year! When was the last time you checked your bill? Chances are you are being seriously overcharged by your current auto insurance provider. The only way to get a better price is to compare rates from other insurance companies.

There is a simple tool called "Cheap Auto Saving" that lets you compare auto insurance rates and automatically finds the best deal possible! You're never locked into your current policy. Why pay more for the same coverage?

To get started, answer a few questions about your current coverage and vehicle to get a rate customized to your needs.

3. Stop Overpaying for Streaming Subscriptions

Are you subscribed to a bunch of paid subscriptions? Do you use them all as much as you'd like? Chances are, you could be saving significant amounts of money by cutting the subscriptions you don't use.

Many people pay for services they do not need and could cancel them, including Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Spotify Premium…and the list goes on! Paying for multiple subscriptions can cost you upwards of $1,000 per year! Many people forget to cancel because the low monthly charges, but they add up big - here is a solution to that problem.

Hiatus is an app that we highly recommend because it is a one-stop shop for managing your subscriptions and monthly bills and getting you lower prices when applicable.

A good first step to stop overspending is to cut costs on the things you don't need, and Hiatus makes it very easy to cancel, all done within their app. If you currently are not using the Hiatus app, we highly recommend starting - better late than never!

4. Stop Overpaying on Your Electric Bill

Is your Electric bill growing each month? Power companies are furious about this reduced-cost solar program! But they can't stop you from taking advantage of it. This program is meant to help homeowners reach green energy targets over the next few years.

It's as easy as typing in your address at "Smart Solar Savings" to see if you qualify. The United States government is offering the highest amount of tax credits, rebates, and grants we've ever seen. Think of the additional financial freedom you could have from saving on the cost of installing solar panels and lowering your monthly electric bills.

5. Save Money On Home Repairs

According to Hippo, 80% of Americans did some sort of home repair in their first year of owning a home. We all experience things breaking and showing signs of wear and tear over time.

We've become so used to shelling out thousands of dollars annually for home repairs, but what if it didn't have to be like that?

Platinum Home Shield offers a program that offers affordable monthly costs for premium coverage in case any part of your home breaks over time. They even offer $50 off for signing up and the first month is free!
We recommend opting into a home warranty program. This program has saved Americans tons of cash in repairs.

6. Never Overpay For Car Repairs Again

Your car could cost you big if you encounter issues with the engine, transmission, or even a hybrid car battery. There's nothing worse than hearing words like "major engine damage."

The worst, and most expensive, type of engine damage involves the vehicle's cylinders. If the cylinders at the core of the engine break down, you could be on the hook for a repair of $7,000 to $10,000.

CarShield provides drivers with a high level of vehicle protection for a low month-to-month cost.